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The site that helps parents prepare nutritious school lunches, iLunchbox, has partnered with Spice Hunter to give away six spice baskets worth $150 for the holidays.

Beth Ann Bentley, cofounder of iLunchBox says, “iLunchBox has started this series of giveaways in an effort to add value to the reader’s experience in a fun, light hearted atmosphere. There are three ways to enter: 1. sign up for the newsletter; 2 comment on the weekly blogs; 3. submit an email to iLunchBox with a favorite holiday recipe. For more information on the giveaway and how to enter, go to iLunchBox Basket of Spices Give Away.

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Smashies: Luvli Foods Makes Eating Organic Apple Sauce Fun

This weekend my daughters and I tried Luvli Foods’s Smashies, which are on-the-go snack treats for kids. Luvli Foods has created what I like to say is apple sauce in juice containers. The apple sauce is USDA certified organic and the packaging prevents all the sticky messes you generally get when kids eat apple sauce on the run.

My daughters and I thought the apple sauce was quite tasty. I was pleased to discover that Smashies have no added sugar and the natural sugar only accounts for 10g per container. Each of the on-the-go packages of apple sauce is re-sealable. My only squabble about Smashies is they are a little difficult to open. I had a hard time opening them, so I can only imagine my daughters trying to open them. Other than that, though, I think Smashies are a hit and my daughters want more. They loved them and that’s all that matters. — Jennifer James, Founding Editor

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Mini Stuffed Panini and Quesadillas for After-School Snacks

You know how it is: The kids come home from school..famished…and you need to cook something to hold them off until dinnertime, but you don’t want it to be loaded with calories, salt, and sugar and you also don’t have time to cook something from scratch. What do you do?

Farm Rich has just introduced Mini Stuffed Panini’s and Mini Stuffed Quesadillas with all natural ingredients and no trans fats. They are also good sources of protein and calcium.

The Mini Stuffed Paninis and Mini Stuffed Quesadillas are perfect for back-to-school parties with classmates, as tasty after-school snacks, or even as dinners on-the-run. And with Halloween quickly approaching, these products offer a quick and easy way to provide goblins with tasty treats that contain plenty of healthy protein. “We’re making frozen appetizers suitable for more than one occasion,” added Jennifer Meetz, Senior Marketing Manager of Farm Rich. “Our new products offer consumers a variety of flavors and serving options, with something to please everyone.”

Both new products have up-to-date, easy-to-use packaging, too. They are part of the company’s lineup of family-sized, stand-up, re-sealable, gusseted bags.

For additional information, special promotions and the complete line-up of outstanding Farm Rich products, visit

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Kidfresh: School Lunches With Peace of Mind

These days we are so pressed for time that school lunch prep has become one of the most stressful activities for moms. In between homework assignments and after-school activities, lunch oftentimes becomes a calorie-laden misadventure. But now, moms can have peace of mind knowing their children can eat a healthy lunch and moms don’t have to break the bank or schedule in lunch prep time.

Kidfresh Lunch Boxes are nutritious prepackaged lunches that parents can buy for their kids to provide a healthy meal at school. Each tasty Kidfresh recipe is made primarily of all-natural and organic ingredients and is entirely free of trans fats and artificial colors, preservatives, and flavors. Kidfresh knows when it comes to growing children, one size does not fit all. Recipes are specifically made to meet the dietary needs of children ages 2-8. From getting children excited about healthy eating to taking the pressure off of busy parents, Kidfresh is a lifestyle option with good taste!

Kidfresh Lunch Boxes are currently available in select grocery stores and airport terminals in the Northeast and Midwest.

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